About the Pedal RV

Construction of The Pedal RV is similar to normal aircraft construction, and uses 6016 T6 sheet aluminum and 5052 angle and channel aluminum throughout.

The nose bowl, wing tips, and empennage tips are fabricated in place with fiberglass.  Experienced builders can construct The Pedal RV in approximately 75 hours for under $200 in materials. The Pedal RV weighs approximately half of those constructed from wood, and consequently we believe the young pilot will find it much easier to pedal.

The Pedal RV can be constructed with the tools most experimental aircraft builders have in their shop or have available to them, such as snips, drills, cleco’s etc. This includes an 18 inch bending brake capable of bending .032” aluminum. Although a drill press is handy, it is not necessary. You will also need a good quality rivet puller and although you can easily pull them by hand, most RV-12, Zenith Aircraft, or Murphy Aircraft builders will have a pneumatic gun they may be willing to lend you. Bending the axle assembly requires a rod bender capable of bending 1/2” carbon steel. Most local machine shops have this capability and as of this writing, should charge no more than $20 labor to bend the axle. Depending on demand, we may look at making these available in the near future.

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