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Jerry Folkerts is a retired U.S. Air Force officer and pilot, and is a commercial and instrument rated aircraft and helicopter pilot. Jerry has built a Pietenpol, a Cygnet SF-2A, and is currently finishing a Murphy Super Rebel. Jerry took the lead on designing and building the prototype Pedal RV.

Charlie Eubanks is a retired engineer, tool and die maker, and is a private aircraft pilot. Charlie has built a Zenith 250, a Glastar, a Murphy Rebel, and completely refurbished a Luscombe. Charlie took the lead on drafting the extremely detailed and dimensioned CAD mechanical drawings.

In early 2014, Jerry noticed a comment on the popular Vans Air Force Forum that expressed a need for a child’s pedal airplane made out of aluminum that looked like an RV type aircraft. After a quick search, Jerry realized the only pedal aircraft currently available were made from wood, and resembled WWI and WWII type aircraft. Jerry enlisted Charlie’s expertise and they came up with a design/construction plan and began cutting aluminum.

The project lagged as both were primarily focused on their own full-size aircraft projects. However, it finally began to come together over the summer, with Jerry building additional pieces and allowing Charlie to disassemble/measure before final riveting. Over the fall, the team focused on control group challenges and finally settled on a direct drive/control horn mechanism from the control stick to the tail.

Finally complete, Jerry began work on an extensive construction guide, replete with photos, while Charlie fine-tuned the mechanical drawings. Thinking they were almost done, they encountered printing, shipping, payment, and website challenges. With all the bugs finally worked out and details in place, they made the detailed dimensioned drawings and construction guide available in mid-January 2015.

The prototype was painted similar to Brian “Torch” Wampler’s RV-8.  Brian is a member of the Rocky Mountain Renegades.  Brian and Jerry have two grandchildren in common.

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